I've now updated the front page at to
include a link to the complete set of revised DTDs. Apologies for
having forgotten to do this sooner!

Best wishes to all TEI-L readers as the TEI lurches blinking and
stumbling and saying "what, are we all still here?" into the next


On Mon, 3 Jan 2000, Franck Bodmer wrote:

|I most probaly have overlooked/overread some important news on this list
|in the last months, so I'm wondering where I can download the newest version
|of the full TEI DTD. I'm aware that there is a TEI P4 Documentation and that
|related to it, the TEI DTD has been improved. I compiled last week a version
|of the TEI DTD using the Pizza Chef and was happy to notice that
|corrections/improvements of the DTD were there. But when trying to obtain
|the TEI DTD at these addresses,
|    [log in to unmask] in filelist tei-l
| in directory tei/p2/dtds
| in directory TEI
|I only found outdated DTDs.
|So, I find the Pizza Chef a very nice utility, but I would also be happy to
|the TEI DTD files localy on my computer.
|Best Regards,
|franck bodmer
|Franck Bodmer
|Institut fuer deutsche Sprache
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|D-68016 Mannheim (Germany)
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 Lou Burnard