We have a problem in encoding the following phenomenon:

We are working with texts in German language. Sometimes, in those German
texts, we find kind of citations from a foreign publication, that have been
translated into German. But the original was in a foreign language.
So all parts of the senctence are in German language, but some part is the
translation of some foreign original. And this is the information we want
to retain.

the element "foreign"
(see TEI Guidelines 6.3.2 Emphasis, Foreign Words, and Unusual Language

<foreign> identifies a word or phrase as belonging to some language other
than that of the surrounding text. )

is not exactly what we need; because our piece of text belongs originally
to another text, but in fact it is in the same language than that of the
surrounding text.

We also thought of the Text Description element <derivation>, but this
could only be used for the entire text.

Did anyone encounter a similar problem and find a solution?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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