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>> -- indeed, I checked out and now see that conjugaton of 'dare/donare' (to
>> give) is to be changed. I surely must use only 'dare'. So here's the new
>> conjugaton for 'dare':
>> Infinitivo:             dar (to give)
>> Participio Presente:    dante
>> Gerundio:               dando, -a
>> Participio Passato:     dato
>I have this funny feeling that the survival of the Gerund distinct from
>the present participle is uncommon, and it is unproductive in Romance

        Unproductive and uncommon? Well, all Romance languages I know a little of
have the distinction except French, my native language, where the gerund
has been replaced by the construction "en + present participle" (so the
distinction still exists, it's not made the same way). But I'm sure Spanish
and Portuguese have the gerund distinct from the present participle, and
maybe also Italian (I'm not completely sure of it however). So it doesn't
seem that uncommon to me :) .

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