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>Rob Nierse wrote:
>> BTW, is anyone familiar with Lakhota? I have a book that states that
>> Lakhota uses five (!) states of the glottis:
>> plain, ejective, aspirated, voiced and unvoiced.
>> Is that true? Are there more languages that have so many
>> distinctions? Or more?
>It is true for Lakhota.  There are lgs that combine the various
>states of course although I seem to remember a discussion here
>as to the reality or lack thereof of certain combinations.

Sindhi distinguishes plain voiceless, plain voiced, aspirated voiceless,
aspirated voiced, and preglottalized voiced.

Some North Caucasian languages of Daghestan have plain tense, glottalized
tense, glottalized lax, aspirated lax, and voiced (and some of these classes
can combine with pharyngealization, which, however, may be interpreted as a
suprasegmental feature at least in some languages/dialects). I can find out
in what specific languages/dialects this is the case, if anybody is

I kinda recall some Chadic languages combining voiced and voiceless
ejectives within one system.

ready to bet that the record number will be from someplace in North