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> > For those of you that have concultures to go along with your
> > languages,
> > what is the relative level of technology/social advancement in your
> > conculture? Try and give a year, at least within a half-century,
> > that is
> > equivalent to a time line of European history.
> > And another, slightly related question. I'm contemplating ideas for
> > my
> > "holy book". What kinds of holy books have you folks written or
> > alluded to in your cultures?
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> > Dan Seriff <[log in to unmask]>

What a neat question.  I suppose the Hanad@, the speakers of Asiteya, have
about the level of technology of the Roman empire, maybe slightly less.
They use drainage and sewage systems, even in very rural areas.  As to their
holy book, I've alluded to a collection of hymns called the Isidikaled@,
"the sounds like music," and even wrote one, number 15. None of them have
titles, just numbers in the tradational ordering.  I suppose there is also a
book of sacred stories or histories, and a manual of advice for priests, but
these don't have quite the same status as the hymns.


There are, it may be, so many kinds of languages in the world, and none of
them is without significance. - I Cor. 14:10

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