At 4:42 pm +1300 9/1/00, andrew wrote:
>Am 01/08 22:12  Raymond Brown yscrifef:
>I was under the impression that the Berbers remained outside the
>influnence of Roman society.

I find it difficult to believe that they all did.  Who then was living
within the Roman provinces between Libya and the Atlantic?  Surely it was
not only Roman settlers; there must have been a good number of pre-Roman
natives surely.  And the Romans would certainly have traded with peoples to
the south.

OK - a goodly proportion, maybe the majority, kept themselves 'pure' from
Roman 'corruption' - but surely not all.

>Also that African Christianity suffered a
>mortal blow due to the bad press of the Crusades in Muslim society, only
>the Monophysite Coptic community surviving to present day in continuity.

Possibly - I get the impression that the _Latin_ Christianity west of Libya
had largely disappeared before the Crusades (did they move on up into


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