On 13 Jan 00, at 8:45, Daniel Seriff wrote:

> For those of you that have concultures to go along with your languages,
> what is the relative level of technology/social advancement in your
> conculture? Try and give a year, at least within a half-century, that is
> equivalent to a time line of European history.

Around 5.5kya, with some more (relatively) modern innovations,
writing being the most obvious.

Researchers speculate that some recently discovered artifacts (at
Makhmerithok IVb) may have been lead-acid batteries, but
electricity does not seem to have been in general use, or widely
known about.

> And another, slightly related question. I'm contemplating ideas for my
> "holy book". What kinds of holy books have you folks written or alluded
> to in your cultures?

Religion is handled on a fairly ad-hoc basis by the Wewnetaar,
people pray to and about whatever they feel is going to be most

Often a family, business, hunting group or other set of people will
have a lucky streak praying to the same (kind of) thing(s), and a
more permanent (but still only as good as its last prayer result)
idol, some talismans and associated stuff will be made and used.

Religious practices don't tend to gather much of a history,
therefore, most of it is in a fairly ephemeral oral practice.  Certain
themes crop up repeatedly, but there's no real organisation.