Paul&Kathy wrote:
> There just seemed (maybe I haven't been paying close enough
> attention) to have a generally American base phonology, with some
> sound-changes that were more towards British.  /?/ for
> intervocalic (alveo-)dentals springs most immediately to mind

That was deliberately British.

> (although this has already been discussed.  I'm sure there were
> some vowels that seemed to go towards and then through the
> British forms.

Well, some time after the settlers landed on Terra Nova, there was a
major vowel shift, actually, several different vowel shifts depending on
location, the forms I've been describing are the East Landing forms,

i -> e -> E -> & -> A -> O -> o -> u -> y -> i
(/y/ came from /ju/)
Also, /@/, /V/ -> /E/;
Earlier, /aj/ -> /e/, /aw/ -> /o/, /I/ -> /E/, /U/ -> /O/, /Oj/ -> /9/

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