Raymond Brown wrote:

> So do I.  The masc. of the ppp is possible only if the verb is transitive.
> What happened with intransitives?

I simply can't remember (too much time has passed, and many a supine
have I seen since then).  I remember that the principal parts of
"sum" as "sum, esse, fui, futurus", but there is neither ppp or supine
of "sum" anyway, no?

Then there's "memini, meminisse, ---, ---", which is only perfectum.
And finally my father's favorite verbs:  "pigo, pigere, squili, gruntum"
and "flio, flire, itci, scratcium" (works best with the English
pronunciation, which he was learning in 1916 or thereabouts).

> And, of course, intransitive verbs may have future active participles, and
> these are formed from the same base as the ppp and the supine.

Maybe that's what I learned for all intransitive verbs, not just
"sum"?  I just can't remember.

ObApology: Sorry for making public what was meant to be a private
response to Roland: a slip of the finger.


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