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>There are letters to the editor in the paper every few months whining
>that "those young people don't know how to pronounce their own
>language: they're too lazy to pronounce every letter!" Very
>exasperating, and I always feel called to reply but don't because
>it's no use.

Well, I would, only because I personally feel that it may enlighten a few
people. But, that's just me.

I am becoming more compelled to write into our local paper and complain
they arent editing carefully. I've found so many errors. Most are typos
and some are small bits of misinformation.  One of the funiest examples
was they did a story on my city's public safety department (Police and
volunteer firefighting), and instead of having "Public Safety" they had
"Pubic Safety". These aren't isolated incidents either, about every other
paper or so I find typos and mistakes.
>(Disclaimer: that Dutch is my native language doesn't mean I know
>everything about it)
>   Irina

Exactly, and whenever I read something about English here, I learn
something I never knew.


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