>Abrigon, especcially if he is black (which was the impression
>Gray Wizard gave), has done nothing wrong.
>Do we know what free speech is?

There is free speech, and then there is common courtesy. You don't send
things like that to an international list, even if you don't think it was
offensive. I'm part German, Dutch, French, Spanish, English, Welsh,
Scottish and Filipino, what if I sent jokes about the stereotypes of each
of those eithnicities to the list.? I am after all a part of each, and as
you said, they would be jokes about stereotypes. All in free speech, no?

>And I have to say it is rather pitiful that until Gray Wizard
>expressed his outrage, nobody else seemed to mind.  Very, very
>genuine, people!  This is the kind of snobbish, arrogant attitude
>that occurs regularly on these lists, and which hightens nobody's
>opinion of anyone here.

Excuse me? I had not seen the email until Isaw David's post. I have a
backlog of 1,237 emails and about a fifth I haven't opened. It got lost in
the list. And who are you to call anyone snobbish? Do you know us? No, I
didn't think so, Roland.


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