Axiem wrote:
> So Mr. Abrigon, please send an apology to the list for
> posting something to it that we f{ou,i}nd offensible

Besides which, this list isn't the appropriate place for jokes, funny or

> ObConLang:
>    How do you all handle numbers, anyways? Like saying "I have 5 things"
> or whatever? Would it be considered an adjective, or article of some
> sort?

Different languages handle them differently.  Generally, small numbers
tend to be considered adjectives, while large ones may be considered
nouns.  For instance, consider Spanish, "one" is un(o)/una,
differentiating by gender, while higher numbers do not agree with
gender.  Or consider (mostly Old-Fashioned) English usage "8 millions of
people" where "million" is considered a noun.  Russian's a great
example, but I can't remember the details.

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