Artem Kouzminykh wrote:
> The natlangs we are speaking are changing and are subject to change. Thus,
> it can be supposed, that a lang(s) our far descendents will speak will be
> more (I personally think that more) or less different from modern natlangs.
> I was just thinking, have enyone made an attempt to imagine that will be
> lang(s) in 21, 22, 25, 30 etc. centuries, how modern natlangs, or theirs
> mix, can change in some centuries or even millennia? And to create such a
> conlang?

21, 30 centuries?  They'd be unintelligible to us.  We'd probably
recognize them as related, just as one could recognize Spanish and Latin
as related, but a modern Spanish-speaker cannot understand Latin without
being formally taught it, nor could a Roman, were he transported to our
time, understand Spanish.

And as for creating such a conlang, my Terra-Novan's an attempt at that,
it's English as spoken about, oh, maybe a thousand years in the future.

> I've heared about the Next Generation Lang, IIRC, but afraid it's not that I
> am talking about - modern natlangs couldn't change so much in (the beginning
> of) 21 century, I think.

NGL is not intended as a fictional descendant, it's intended as a
totally new kind of language.

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