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> Yes, the poem was inappropriate by North American standards.  But
> by no means racist, and I cannot see how being so similiar to
> countless black-written rap lyrics out there, blacks (or whites)
> can take so much offense to it.

Because those who listen to rap CHOOSE to listen to rap and know what
they're getting themselves into.  We on this list did not subscribe to
it to hear things like that.  Besides which, jokes shouldn't be sent to
this list at all.

> Also, I still do not see how a black man standing on a stage,
> jokingly bashing caucasians is a good, honest, hard-working American
> citizen; but a white man standing on stage bashing blacks is a
> racist, fascist, Nazi pig.

I agree, racist jokes are wrong either way.  BUT, there IS a
difference.  To use an analogy I once saw, if we saw David Hyde-Pierce
[an actor, of slight build, delicate features] punching a professional
boxer, most people would find it funny, but if a professional boxer were
to hit him, we'd find it very much NOT funny.  What's the difference?
Obviously, a difference in power.

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