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> Subject: New changes...

> o > u in final position
> a > e in unstressed syllables, also if two a's are together, and neithe=
> are stressed, only the second changes (see Saal=E1ngal below)
> p > b in final position

> Anyway, sample words (first the Saalangal, then the northern dialect):

> - ngo - ngu
> - har=E1yan - her=E1yen
> - h=E1ndap - h=E1ndeb
> - Saal=E1ngal - Seal=E1ngel

I like those ideas, Barry. When two <a>s come together, are they pronounc=
separately with a glottal stop or something between them? I think it'd ma=
sense to change one of them as long as they don't merge into one long vow=
Greek had something like that, IIRC.

Eric Christopherson
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