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>Hello, I've just rejoined the list after a year or two away, and have
>lately been working on a conlang called the Ronnes. (or just "ronnes"
>now since they recently dropped articles and capitalization). I've
>just finished revising their grammar and managed to translate a poem
>into it. (

        Welcome back :) .

>However, as I tried to analyze the moods that verbs had acquired, I
>realized that I didn't know what to call a couple of them. In
>particular, the two subjunctive moods. (They are subjunctive, right?)

        Your 'moods' look more like a mix between moods and evidential indicators.
I find that blending nice, I should have thought of it earlier :) .

>-r indicative, the speaker saw this happen

        Looks rather right. If the mood is only used with events the speaker
actually saw, it would be more a 'sight evidential'. For me, indicative is
also the mood for things that are doubtless even if I didn't actually see
them (all of this depends on the speaker of course :) ).

>-s the speaker heard about it and thinks it likely but doesn't know
>for certain. in future tense, the speaker hopes it will occur.

        I don't think it's a subjunctive. I'd rather call it optative (but in some
languages those two moods are rendered the same way :) ), the mood of
desire. It looks also like a "hearsay-evidential" added with trust. I don't
how to call that yet, ask someone who knows Quechua :) .

>-z the speaker heard or read about it in some old story and doesn't
>think it could have really happened. in future tense, the speaker
>hopes it will not happen.

        Negative optative, like I saw it said by someone on the list. Also
"hearsay evidential" with defiance.

>-n negative. the speaker knows it didn't happen. also used for pure

        Strange mood. So in fiction it can be used with an affirmative meaning
(adding just the fact that it's fiction?). How would you negate an action
told in a story which is pure fiction then?

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