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>> -s the speaker heard about it and thinks it likely but doesn't know

        I really have to remember this word, quotative. I'm thinking of using
evidentials in Itakian (yes, I'm really putting everything I never tried
before in this language. With nominal classes, trigger system and
evidentials, it's gonna be a real monster :) ).

>AFMCL, amman iar has all of these and more.  amman iar has two ways of
>forming negatives according to its scope.  To negate a proposition, the
>auxiliary verb is prefixed with the negative u-.  To negate the modality of
>a proposition the sentential negative or must initiate the sentence. The
>negatives yo8u describe above are the latter type. Thus

        Are there languages that have only this kind of negation, or only the
other kind? That seems rather nice (yes, it's also for my conlang, as with
the way I negate verbs in Itakian, I think only one of those negations will
be possible, though I don't know which one right now :) ).

        And what do you think about the fact that the negative mood can be used
for irrealis? How would you negate an irrealis sentence then?

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