At 01:50 PM 1/30/00 EST, Greg wrote:
>Hello. We are booked on a Peter Hughes Liveaboard for Belize this May. I was
>wondering if anybody had an opinion/suggestion regarding this operation.

It's a high quality liveaboard of a high quality Fleet.  It CONSISTENTLY
delivers the kind of services divers come to expect on either the
Aggressor Fleet or the PHD Fleet.

>We have only heard great things about the Aggressor but have not heard much
>about Peter Hughes.

I've been on liveaboards of both Fleets AT LEAST a dozen times each (lost
count a whole ago :-).  It's a toss up in most locations where you find
both liveaboards.  Not sure of the weather in May at the outer reefs
where the liveaboard fleets go.  That would be the only thing that could
spoil your trip, if you run into bad weather.

> We still have time to back out if this is a lousy deal!

I assume you got the NEWBIE (to the PHD Fleet i.e.) $500 discount deal.
Lousy deal?  I would have jumped on it anyday, on ANY boat of the
PHD Fleet, if only I were elegible.

Enjoy, and tell us about it.

-- Bob.