At 01:58 PM 1/27/00 -0500, da Feeesh wrote:
>At 01:07 PM 1/27/00 -0500, Hugh wrote:
>>> Ron Fuller wrote:
>>>>You also might want to give it a catchier title then

It didn't dawn on me until THIS MORNING, when I looked for my own
bookmark to make a change, the significance of that remark.  :-)

It took me a long time even to find that line on my screeen, and
so on my first fix, I did the wise-crack of putting

    "Hey, this is NOT where you should look! <BG>"

where that line appeared (looking only at the monitor screen).  <:-)

Of course that turned out to be the BOOKMARK title!!!
Perhaps that was the appropriate title!  :-)   However, I've
now changed it to "Feeesh's Home Page", and put in a new pic because
while the previous one showned a BIG Nassau Grouper, the diver wasn't
me.  Now the pics shows a smallish Nassau Grouper and the REAL
Large Nassau Grouper.  :-)

My apologies (and thanks again) to Ron and Hugh for TRYING to point
out to me the  Wizard-given "title". I kept wondering why anyone was
making a fuss on that line I never look at (on my monitor) :-).
Now I know.  I TOLD everyone I am a web/HTML CN didn't I?  :-))
You guys missed your chance of calling me a web/HTML OCN!!  <BWG>

-- Bob.