David Strike wrote:
(some snips)

> You didn't tell me that my response might appear in your club magazine,
> 'Scuba Scope'!  :-)

In the inimitable words of da Feeesh:

FUC whatever. Which last word is an Orstroilialinism (in these
circumstances). Can you see me squirming yet? FUC 1.1

Truth to tell I was harrassed and bewildered to find something decent
for that copy of the mag. So (after all it was w**k time and at this
w**k time we were running skeleton staff (early Jan)) I made the policy
decision to circumvent the usual protocols. As Strike knows, I _always_
(used to, sob) ask permission, decided due to pressures to just put it
in and ask afterwards ... and promptly forgot. :-(

> Where's my copy?

FUC 6.6

To add insult to injury, the rule is that the Terrigal Underwater Group
people who assemble what we at Scribal print are instructed to send at
least three copies of  ScubaScope to me for just this purpose. Sadly the
usual assemblers were on holiday (as I was, at least brain-wise) so the
novices knew of no such instruction.

> And to whom should I address the invoice for
> creative writing services?  :-)

Our Treasurer: Marc Harry and the address is on that _pirate_ ScubaScope
in your possession. ;-)

Hmmmmmmm, perhaps I should have a quiet word with S? Nahhh, she's too
nice to dob even ME in.

Actually, although I'm sure that you don't really mind, seriously sorry.
Its not like me, I needed something interesting, quickly, under pressure
and took it, and I stand corrected. :-(



PS The cc address is to our Pres, away in Thailand and usual assembler
of the mag. I'm sure and certain that he'll get a copy to you just as
soon as he returns. OR ELSE.