Wendell Piez writes:
 > In this view, the major advantage of sticking close to normative, "Green
 > Book" TEI is that you avoid much of the overhead of documenting your
 > extensions and creating any apparatus necessary to make your own pseudo-TEI
 > validate against P4.

right. and in the brave new world, you'll mix (say) TEI Structure,
Docbook tables, and MathML math in the same DTDette, using namespaces
to keep sane. does the monolithic DTD really have a future? cripe knows.

 > I definitely believe there is a future for TEI; but the strategy
 > has to be sound, realistic and consistent or the most valuable aspects of
 > TEI will be lost in the free-for-all (at least until they are rediscovered).

The way you put it, it sounds almost inevitable. We are doomed to a
descent into anarchy before we rise again to the bright uplands.