At 6:26 pm -0600 17/2/00, Daniel A. Wier wrote:
>Ouch!  I didn't think about FOUR different phonetic situations!  Really,
>what I meant was this analogy: [nl?] is to [dl] what [n] is to [d]?

Don't want to be picky, but I'm a bit puzzled.  As [dl] is written above,
surely it represents two consonants just as. e.g. [bl] and [gl] do.  Indeed
[dl] was (is?) used in some English Yorkshire dialects where standard
English has [gl], e.g. 'gloom' [dlu:m].

On that analogy isn't [nl] simply [nl]?

 (2) is
>most what I was looking for, a laterally-released [n].

Ah, so what is 'dl'? Is it the voiced lateral affricate?  In which case
Matt's 'n with superscript l' (SAMPA [n_l]) would seem to be the
appropriate nasal sound.

My apologies for being rusty on Tech phonology :)


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