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>First of all, what is the IPA symbol for a lateral nasal (a "nl" sound)?
>I've seen a lower-case n with an extended right leg (no curl like the
>retroflex or "eng"), but it might be the Japanese syllabic n or am I wrong?

I've seen _l_ with a tilde on the top at least twice: in a review of
Chinese dialects and in a monograph on some Bantu language spoken in Zaire
(I forget its name). In both cases the sound was described as a 'nasalized

>Second, what would a modern Coptic typeface (Roman, Helvetica, Courier
>look like?  I'm thinking if Coptic was "Westernized" like Cyrillic was by
>Peter the Great.  I reckon they'd be pretty similar.

Yes, the Coptic script (or at least the pieces I've seen) looks very
similar to early forms of Cyrillics. In fact, both are nearly identical
with certain medieval forms of the Greek script; besides, they use
like letters for /S/ (probably inspired by Aramaic).

So you'll only have to decide on the few letters having no correspondences
in Cyrillics: f, h, C, ti.