At 11:18 pm +0000 20/2/00, And Rosta wrote:
>> I know one region of Brittan where the pronunciation is ['happ_hi] with
>> clear gemmination and _marked_ aspiration.
>> Elswhere ['h&ppi] seems not uncommon.
>Are they both from South Wales?

['happ_hi] is South Wales 'valleys' (the costal plain of south east Wales
is very different).

I hesitate between ['h&p.pi] and ['h&.pi] - but it seems to me that
['h&p.i] is incorrect syllabification for what I hear around me.

>I might have suspected you were thinking of Geordie preglottalized stops,
>but your phonetic transcriptions are usually dead on the mark.

I am not familiar enough with Geordie to even attempt to give phonetic
transcription of that very distinctive dialect.  Preglottalized, eh?


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