Keolah Kedaire wrote:

> > We discussed an aspirated r some time ago (a *trilled* r). There
> > is a sound in Welsh (?) that is described as an aspirated alveolar
> > trill. I've never heard of an /l/ being aspirated; I'd be really
> > curious to know if it exists (and how!).
> Hum, it sounds fine to my ear. Sort of. Although this isn't the first
> language I've had that allowed aspirated r and l sounds, it _is_ the first
> that allowed them in the middle of words. (Hlayan only allowed them at the
> beginning, IIRC) Unless I've totally mistaken the meaning of 'aspirated'.

Wouldn't these be tha same as unvoiced liquids? If not techincally, in the way
they're pronounced? For example, in my English, the l before the t in "bolt" is

BTW, Aelya has unvoiced liquids (lh and lr) in word middles. So does Welsh.

What do you think unvoived means? I've typed it three timed now, so it MUST be a
real word. :)