Christophe wrote:

> something like deverbal nouns for actor, patient, etc...).

Deverbal nouns? Of everyone on this list, you have the most unusual
grammatical things (at least imho :). I don't know if you come up
with them yourself or if there actually is such a thing out there.

> It reminds me of a question I wanted to ask: in the active sentence "I take
> the book", "I" is the agent (or actor, I think they are pretty much the
> same), "the book" is the patient. But in "I see the book", "I" is the
> experiencer, but how do you call "the book"? experiencee?

I had the same problem when I tried to come up with cases for Rinya.
I didn't know what case to assign to 'the experienced' (Btw, wasn't that
you Christophe? The word 'originative' comes to mind...). Anyway, I ended
up with ablative (motion from) because if you look at it metaphorically it
kinda makes sense.

> And in "I look at
> the book", if "I" is clearly actor, "the book" doesn't seem like a patient
> for me. Is this also an experiencee?

Hmm... I suppose you could call it Goal 'the thing towards which an action
is directed'. Or do as I do in Rinya and call it Source 'the place of
origin' or 'the entity from which a physical sensation emanates (with verbs
of sensation, attention and speech)'. Yes, Source makes sense.

> This question is important for me because I want to make a distinction
> between all those roles in my trigger system (that would allow me to use
> the same verb with various meanings :) ).

I know there is a somewhat extensive list at SIL. Address:
Any book on Semantics worthy of its name should have good lists on thematic
roles also.

PS. In case anyone (except me) found this a confusing mail: two hours
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this evening, then out for quite a few beers and still I turn on the
computer when I get home... Anyway...

PS2. Hurry with trigger system of Itakian! We all.EXP wanna see it.SRC now!
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