Hey hey!

I've been reading this list for three or four days now, and I decided
I'd jump in by introducing myself. I also have a question or two I'd
like to ask.

Right now, I'm 15, and I'm in grade 10. I've been interested in Conlangs
for as long as I can remember, but I never had a word to describe them,
nor did I have any idea how languages as a whole worked until very

I have a project coming up at school where I'm allowed to do more or
less anything I want, and I'm considering developing a Conlang. I'm
allowed to start the project before it is assigned, because I know the
details about it already, because it is an assignment for enriched level
students at my school for grades 9 to 11, so I did one last year and
know the process.

I've started a very rough sketch of a language, but it's nowhere near
complete enough to post here, I have to decide on quite a bit of the
grammar and have at least some vocabulary to provide examples with. I'll
post more on this as it develops.

Anyways, some questions.

1) When I post a sketch of a language, and I give the phonololgy, do I
give just the IPA symbols, or do I use the alphabet I am using if it is
a Roman alphabet as well as the IPA if they don't agree? I've only seen
one language sketch since I came online, and the IPA and the alphabet
used agreed in all cases. In my language the disagree somewhat, as I use
x to represent a voiced velar fricative (I forget the symbol), as well
as some other exceptions. I think that one stands out the most, though.

2) The Conlang FAQ, or at least the URL I have of it, hasn't been
updated since 1998. Has it been abandoned, is a new version still in
development, or do I have the wrong adress for it? I have

Well, thank you, and have a nice day.