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> What do people think?  Has anyone else played around with
> motion verbs in interesting ways?

Nova has a few morphemes of motion, the basic one is ha 'move, come,
go, depart, arrive'.  Others include pt'u 'walk', ttol 'turn, revolve,
dt 'leap, jump, hop', ptur 'run', hn 'fly, flight through air' and
probably one or two others that might be considered verbal
morphemes of motion.  Once these have been combined with another
morpheme to make a word root, they are subject to modification/
clarification by Egoic Field Referents (yep, straight out of Whorf)
which describe the motion in a manner intended to yield a more
figure and ground effect.  The following is from the still not
updated grammar describing the 5 EFRs and their inflections.

Egoic Field Referents (EFR) are used with verbs and statives of motion
or projection through spatial dimension. EFRs refer to
motion both in general direction and in manner. EFRs are inflected for
Motion Indication. The model for EFR morphology is
ROOT-Motion Indicator. Multiple Motion Indicators may be used but this
is rare. EFRs immediately follow the verb or
stative that they modify.
There are five EFR:

     tt'e linear EFR; projection or motion in a linear fashion, without
reference to a starting point.
     nqo projective EFR; as for the linear EFR, but from a starting
     p'e punctual EFR; motion at a particular point in space.
     dh segmental EFR; motion at or to multiple points or segments in
     bdu spatial EFR; motion through space in general without reference
to a point or line in particular.

There are eleven motion indicators;

     yi ascending motion, with an
     rh backwards motion, with a
     pt' bobbing or bouncing motion, with a
     m curving motion, with a
     q descending motion, with a
     rh erratic motion, with an
     t' forwards motion, with a
     th sidewards motion, with a
     rh spinning motion, with a
     zho to and fro motion, with a
     nq without motion, at rest

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