Jeffrey Henning wrote:

> Is anyone familiar with Lincos?

Hey! I think I remember seeing a book on Lincos on my
university library! I remember it because I was frustrated
that they had lots of books on E-o and Interlingua and some
other conlangs, but no grammars of the natlangs I needed for
my BA-thesis.

Okey, I've checked it up. I was right. The book's name is
"Lincos, design of a language for cosmic intercourse" by
Hans Freudenthal, published by Amsterdam North-Holland, 1960.
ISBN is (L)9910734850. It's published in a series called
"Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics".

If he's in Stockholm, the book is still in at the library.
Now, I wonder why... ;)

Hope that was of any help.