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> >You could also have a bidental click, but be careful or you'll chip a tooth.
> I'm not sure I could do that: my two upper front teeth are fake (I broke
> them by falling down) and a little shorter than the other front teeth. So
> when I put my teeth together, the front teeth actually don't touch, but the
> surrounding teeth do.

I thought the front teeth weren't supposed to touch?!

> NOTE: How do you call the different kinds of teeth in English and other
> nat- and conlangs? In French, we have "incisives", "canines", "prémolaires"
> and "molaires".

Fortenner (fore-teeth), hjørnetenner (canines probably) and jeksler
(behind the canines) are the ordinary terms, the dentist-jargon is
probably the same all over, at least they talk of '(pre)molærer'.