This just came down the pipe from the LINGUIST List. Take a
look; if the Irish can do it, I suppose I'm not in such
bad company. :-)

And I should hasten to add that I took absolutely no offense at
your discussion of my positive 'anymore'. I wasn't even aware
that I had done anything noteworthy, so I should be thanking you
for bringing it to my attention! Now I have another non-standard
feature to be proud of in my {idio/dia}lect.


Dirk Elzinga
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Subject: 11.419, Qs: Shwa/American English, "Anymore"/American Eng

LINGUIST List:  Vol-11-419. Mon Feb 28 2000. ISSN: 1068-4875.

Subject: 11.419, Qs: Shwa/American English, "Anymore"/American Eng

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Date:  Sun, 27 Feb 2000 18:25:18 +0000
From:  Gleeson <[log in to unmask]>
Subject:  Positive 'any more' and Hiberno-English

I am currently researching an undergraduate project on the use of positive
'anymore' in Hiberno (Irish) English. For example, speakers of some
dialects of Hiberno-English might say "I'll do that anymore", meaning "I
will do that from now on".

An important aspect of the project will be a comparison of this phenomenon
with the use of positive 'anymore' to mean "nowadays" in some dialects of
American English. I would be interested to know if anyone has done any
research in this area or knows of sources that would be of use to me. I
will post a summary of my findings when the project is complete, if there
is any interest.

Jim Gleeson
University College Dublin,

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