* And Rosta ([log in to unmask]) [000221 10:17]:
> I suggest that the actual rule is:
>    Case endings must follow a branching rime. [= a heavy syllable]
> The suffix "-e" is therefore specified thus:
>     R   O + R
>    / \  |   |
>   X  X  X   X
>             |
>             e

A quick overview of structures like these can be found in the book at,
specifically chapters 34-36. I like what I've seen of this book so far,
it seems well suited for our purposes as it is more of a `phonology for
field-linguists' or `applied phonology' than it is a dry and theoretical
deep-dive into some phonological theory or other, generative or not.

It seems a bit on the light side when it comes to stress and intonation :(

The appendices are nice too, but there doesn't seem to be a bibliography
for the entire thing, but one per section instead. Plus there are footnotes
and not endnotes; can't stand the latter :)