lass-a-ata umu Riukun
word-+-thing by Ryokun

saa pti iti pium tam
QUES you NOT see NOT

mii liil ata tu miac suc
that PL  thing FUT change COM

ai tsu ai smi liil suap
and near and far PL flower

tu uls ssutl-a-tsu ssutl-a-smi
FUT die time-+-near time-+-far

Explanation of abbreviations, et alia

+ -- "a" is a conjunctive particle (is there an official name for this?)
indicating that the words joined by it are considered one unit.  Thus
"lass-a-ata = wordthing, or "poem"

PL -- plural marker, liil, comes before nouns, optional; often used with
the sense of "many, countless, innumerable".  Literally means "hundred

FUT -- future marker, "tu", optional, comes immediately before verbs.

COM -- completive marker, comes immediately after verbs and sometimes
adjectives.  Indicates both the perfect aspect and the idea of "utterly,

NOT -- negative verbal marker "iti . . . tam".  Surrounds verb, usually.
Literally means "speck, dot, jot, mote ------ not, no, none."

QUES -- question marker, saa, always the first word in a question.
Sometimes rendered satam for yes/no questions.  Sometimes repeated at the
end of questions for emphasis.

                Living your life is a task so difficult,
                it has never been attempted before.