Matt Pearson wrote:
> Could you give an example?

Like "Were you about to leave whenever I called?", or "remember whenever
you [followed by a specific incident]?"

> The one that always gets me is when
> you're waiting in line at the deli or the library or wherever and
> the person behind the counter says "I can help who's next", or
> "Can I help who's next?", or "I can help whoever's next".

Hmm, I find the "whoever's next" perfectly natural, but the "who's next"
annoys me a bit.

> Yesterday at the library I was waited on by a woman who
> kept saying "I can help who's ever next" (or possibly "I can
> help whose ever next").  So the "ever" seems to be migrating
> away from the "who"...

Fascinating!  I've never heard such a usage.  Sounds really odd to me.

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