FFlores wrote:

> I think Kristian may be right here, John, since his
> description looks more like what I described (the
> sound is really made with the teeth and the blade
> of the tongue -- there's contact with the alveola
> and the palatal ridge, but no sound produced *there*.

I realize that.  The official IPA chart at uses
the term "alveolo-palatal" for curly-tail-c and curly-tail-z,
which are definitely articulated as you describe:

> Maybe you missed the important part of the description,
> that the tip of the tongue touches the *lower* teeth
> while the upper teeth press the blade.

No, that is characteristic of these sounds.  Actually,
alveolo-laminar would be a better descriptive name IMHO.

> Anyway, thanks to you both -- now I know two different
> sounds instead of one!

I think more likely two different names.


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