Robert Hailman wrote:
Welcome to the list Bob. Cool project. Have you considered having a
conculture with that language of yours? There's a sister-list to this
one where many conlangers reside as well and discuss concultural
issues. You can join it through

BTW, it seems like whenever a young conlanger joins the list, then
the individual is always 15. That must be the magic age for
conlangers ;-)

>1) When I post a sketch of a language, and I give the phonololgy, do I
>give just the IPA symbols, or do I use the alphabet I am using if it is
>a Roman alphabet as well as the IPA if they don't agree? I've only seen
>one language sketch since I came online, and the IPA and the alphabet
>used agreed in all cases. In my language the disagree somewhat, as I use
>x to represent a voiced velar fricative (I forget the symbol), as well
>as some other exceptions. I think that one stands out the most, though.

Well, for the grammar sketch alone you could suffice with just the
orthography you have chosen. But when you give the phonology, I think
in your case it'd be quite interesting if you give the orthography
together with the IPA. Basically, you ought to reserve using the IPA for
when you describe the phonology (unless, of course, your orthography
is based on the IPA like my conlang), and then just use your chosen
orthography for the rest of the sketch. That's what I think most
people on this list do anyways.

>2) The Conlang FAQ, or at least the URL I have of it, hasn't been
>updated since 1998. Has it been abandoned, is a new version still in
>development, or do I have the wrong adress for it? I have

That's the FAQ alright. But like you discovered, it hasn't been
updated for quite a while now. There was mention of someone wanting
to start a new one though. Mind you, the old one is still quite

-kristian- 8)