Robert Hailman wrote:
> I don't want to make the sketch
> seem like too much of a big thing before I post it, because then some
> people will be dissapointed.

Hmm, I thought you said you stopped worrying about what other people
thought?  ;-)  But seriously, just go ahead and post it, no one's gonna
laugh or anything.  No one's grading you here.  We have a whole range of
people, from amateurs with very little knowledge of linguistics to
people with PhD's.

> My language does use the Roman alphabet, but it does correspond to the
> IPA as I've said. I decided on x for the voiced velar fricative, because
> I don't have a voiceless velar fricative, and the gamma looks close
> enough to an x to me.

Good enough reason.  "Gh" would work, but, as you said, you're wanting
to avoid digraphs, so that's out of the question.  Of course, if /g/
doesn't exist, "g" would work just as well.

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