At 07:00 AM 3/2/00 -0500, Don wrote:

>Can't you just feel the love in this cyber room!

That's what you get for stepping in with your ill-considered
opinion to start the whole series of other ill-considered

I would LOVE to hear how you respond to YOUR own comments
on that post, applied to YOUR Guideline document with Nick,
as I asked in my reply to your and you ducked.

In fact, the more the discussion goes on, the more the futility
of YOUR Guideline shows.  Just read Lee!  In that sense, you're
correct.  Some people just ignore guidelines and info.  It's so
much more FUN to just ARGUE.

Why don't you post something CONSTRUCTIVE in response to Lee
about how obscure the two lines are in YOUR Guideline, and
something CONSTRUCTIVE to someone who ignored the LISTSERV Intro
doc;  ignored those lines in the Scuba-L guideline;  ignore my
CONSTRUCTIVE help by posting the result of "help info" -- on
not knowing how to send a LISTSERV command after having been
in Scuba-L all these years!

That would be REALLY constructive.

Sugar-coat your CONSTRUCTIVE comments would be fine.  And don't
forget to add LOVE.   ;-)

-- Bob.