At 06:36 AM 3/1/00 -0500, Lee wrote:
>Robert F. Ling wrote:
>> A single LISTSERV command using GET could retrieve anything within the
>> past 11 months.
>You could write and someone undoubtedly has written books about what I don't
>know about listserv.  Bob and others clearly know more than I do on this
>subject.  While we're making proposals, I have one.  Forgive me if it's
>already been done and I failed to notice.

It was in the same Intro LISTSERV document that has the SIGNOFF
instruction that a subscriber should have saved.  If does NOT
require a book to use to LISTSERV command "help info", and
the little bits of info you get from that one single command will

To get you started, here is the result of "help info":

>Date:         Wed, 1 Mar 2000 08:14:22 -0500
>From: "L-Soft list server at Brown University (1.8d)"
>              <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject:      Output of your job "rfling"
>To: Reef Fish <[log in to unmask]>
>> help info
>LISTSERV(R) version 1.8d - most commonly used commands
>INFO      <topic|listname>       Order documentation (plain text files)
>SUBscribe listname <full name>   Subscribe to a list
>SIGNOFF   listname               Sign off from a list
>SIGNOFF   * (NETWIDE             - from all lists on all servers
>Query     listname               Query your subscription options
>Search    listname  keyword...   Search list archives
>SET       listname  options      Update your subscription options
>INDex     <listname>             Order a list of LISTSERV files
>GET       filename filetype      Order a file from LISTSERV
>There are more commands; send an INFO REFCARD command for a comprehensive
>reference card, or just INFO for a list of available documentation files.
>If  you  prefer,  you  can  use  LISTSERV  through  its  web  interface  at
> (the full manuals can also be
>browsed online at this URL).
>This server is managed by:
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Note that the BROWN.EDU LISTSERV server is NOT managed by Nick.
>There must be a site or directions or something somewhere that addresses
>listserv commands in simple, easy to understand for dummies language.

See the above.

>like to suggest that reference to such a site be added to Nicks periodic
>postings.  I know the question has been asked and answered before, but on
>the rare occasions when I want a command, I can never remember who, where,
>what topic, etc. was used to share the information.

Save the above OUTPUT for present and future reference.

>Nick, is this a reasonable suggestion, reasonably easy to incorporate
>or am I asking the very difficult to impossible?

You're asking what has already been done by LISTSERV and managed by's [log in to unmask]

Given the present AWARENESS WEEK of seeking FACTS and INFO, there
is much to be said for REMOVING the Signoff instruction FROM
the Scuba-L's periodic posting, because it is redundant.  It
should suffice to POINT to the listserv command "help info", which
immediately give pointers to many UNASKED items as well.

-- Bob.