At 04:36 PM 3/4/00 +1100, Strike wrote:
>On Sunday, March 05, 2000 12:33 AM, Ralf Huebenthal, wrote:
>>2. He di dive with Nitrox (I guess 50%) which gave him an unfaire
>(Oh! Yes!  And the fact that Ralf was wearing a pair of clapped
>out old ducks feet that he calls 'Force Fins'!) :-)

But did he carry a Spare Air?  That would have equalized the
advantage of your 50% <G> Nitrox.

>>3. It has been the first race from best of 5!
>I do admire a person that keeps getting up off the floor in
>order to be knocked down again!  :-)

Yes.  Ralf is just learning the Scuba-L TRADITION, the LATEST
of which is Monsieur Jean-Marc Vitoux.  ;-)

>>This brings me to the question shold Speed diving be a sport
>>at the next Olympic?
>Certainly not. diving's an activity - not a sport! :-)

Strike!  Sacrilegious!  diving's a RELIGION!   Listen to all
the divers preaching in Scuba-L.  Just like preachers known in
some of the religions here (Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, et al),
some in Scuba-L don't practice what they preach either.  ;-)

And some preach the wrong religion, as Rev. Bob Jones of Bob
Jones University in this neck of the wood has lifted his BAN
on "inter-racial dating" on YESTERDAY, and only having been
verbally clubbed by Presidential candidates for being a "bigot".
We have the likes of Bob Jones in Scuba-L also.

If I name names, they would say I am 'name calling'!   :-O

Ahhhhhh ... what a refreshing way to start a morning (here).

-- Bob.