At 05:02 PM 3/3/00 +0900, Monsieur Vitoux wrote:
>"Robert F. Ling" wrote:
>>                   *****************************
>> The REDEEMING value (if we can call it that) of your silly challenge
>> for me to quote you on an item that was clearly a JOKE in the entire
>> context of the discussion, is that we (the readership) seem now to be
>> more AWARE of the importance of being able to QUOTE from a source,
>> and not rely on faulty memory.  I had no faulty memory in your case,
>> because I still have all your posts in the entire thread, and have
>> quoted from it as you DEMANDED, however frivolous that demand was.
>Weaseling out again, tsss tsss.

Once again, you snipped all the RELEVANT parts of my post to harp
on YOUR frivol.

You should have remembered THIS from a preceding post:

>Nitpicking a JOKE and an irrelevant point to your story (while you
>missed the LESSON about NEVER, EVER, should anyone be in an OOA
>situation in the first place, NO MATTER WHAT), you continue with

or THIS, immediately preceding the paragraph you clipped:

>What matters is that you seemed to be oblivious to the LESSON you
>should have learned, not only from that incident you reported, but
>from what was discussed by OTHERS, including me.
>                 You SHOULD NOT have snipped THIS
>                    in my posting in question:
>                  *****************************
>>The bottom line on my reply to YOU was, and is, that YOU should
>>have recognized you instructor's OOA at 35 m as a very avoidable
>>situation that was a result of a GROSS ERROR on his part.
>                  *****************************

or THIS, from the same post:

>Jean-Marc, your head is so far INTO the tree <G> that you've
>missed the TREE, the FOREST, and everything relevant around it!

In my response to Luke on his proposed guideline about 'name
calling', I used an apocryphal Mr. X in my response to explain
why Mr. X deserved to be called an IDIOT because of his ACT
which makes him one.

Your ACT (now the FOURTH post on YOUR same frivol) makes you
a perfect example of Mr. X personified.

If you have nothing to post about LESSONS to learn from your
reported incident of OOA, or anything SCUBA-related to that
incident, just GO AWAY!

-- Bob.