At 06:36 PM 3/7/00 +1100, Strike wrote:
>Wiv sum pitchers from Viv

Where's your SPELL CHECKER, Strike?  It's "Wif som pitchers".  :-)

(aka Krazy Kiwi), and sum wurds from another
>geezer, the latest (March/April) issue of Australia's, 'Scuba Diver
>Magazine' is carrying an article on last year's NEDFest in Cozumel.

Ah dun seen a preview of dat, months ago, tankx to senor Strike.

>The piece was apparently suposed to be called, "Wot we dun on our holidays",
>but Sue - the editor - decided to call it, "Cozumel Capers"!  (Actually, I
>think that she may have fallen madly in lust with either Mika or Andy?  I
>can't decide - but they're the ony two whose picture appears TWICE! :-)

Didn't know about that part!  Don't let the word leak out to Andy's
Tart!  :-)   Now I remembered, 2-29 is Sadie Hawkins day, or something
like that, when the wimmin folks do the propositions, and that was
how the parrotfish Andy got hooked.  :-)
>I'll try and lay my hands on some more copies and post them off to the folks
>who attended - providing that no one beats me soundly round the ear-holes
>for exercising a degree of poetic licence!  (For 'poetic licence' read,
>'lies'!) :-)

Nah.  Not lies.  Your patented Tall Tales <tm>.
>(Now if only I can figure out a way of getting Andy and Mika to autograph my
>copy - on the understanding that they return it to me - I may have a
>valuable collector's item that'll stand me in good stead in my declining
>years!) :-)

One SURE way would be to have 'Scuba Diver Magazine' pay their way
to the Cairns NEDfest.  FUC 6.4!

-- Bob.