At 04:27 PM 3/7/00 +0100, Giovanni reared his head
(aka kopf oder dumnkopf or is it DOOMEDkopf) from his
spaghetti-bowl to utter,

>Ron I can help him!!!!
>Many and many times ago when Feesh was not retarred, he did not send
>7,453,619 flaming messages a day to scuba-L and he and J.M.
>were good friends, I received the following good wishing messages:
> * Someday, you will pay for it.  Not with cash, mind you, but with a
> * good, solid DCS hit.  Enjoy!
> * (from Dave Read)
> * You may pay for that foolishness with a case of "but he _really_
> * deserved it case of the bends - deserved" undeserved both apply.
> * (from Hugh Huntzinger)
> * You're DOOMED!
> * (from Carl Heinzl)

Gio, are you showing off that YOU know how to pull THEIR
dirty-laundry from your the rec.scuba basket without even
resorting to your AI computer?   :-)

You mean Dave Read didn't erase ALL HIS TRACKS from rec.scuba?
Amazing.  :-))

But, I'll be thinking about all those well-wishers when I'll
be DEEP into the BLISS of Cozumel diving for two-weeks in a
couple of days from now! :-) Your dearest friend Carl and I are
already talking about diving plans in Cocos in 2001.  Want to
join us so that we can see how your AI computer works?  :-)))

>At that point I realized that some backup for my Air Integrated
>dive computer was absolutely required. So I began to use:
> - a piece of (marine) wood (to be touched every 3 minutes)
> - a fox tail (treated for u/w use)
> - a horseshoe (tied to the tank)
> - the helmet used by my grandfather during the first world war
>   with two horns placed on the top
>This latter, as far I know, is valued about $1,000,000.
>Hoping this helps

Just think how much MORE it would cost if you included
these accessories:

-- rabbit foot
-- garlic for devil-repellent
-- BIG DICE, as those hung on Gringo and Mexican cars alike

Unfortunately for you, Gio, NOTHING will help if you still
leave your brain in the spaghetti bowl when you go diving and
trust your AI computer 100%.  ;)

>Giovanni Marola


-- Bob.