At 08:24 PM 3/1/00 +1100, David Strike wrote:
>On Wednesday, March 01, 2000 3:10 PM, Lee Bell wrote:
>> I have a slight preference for leaving the site where it is.  My
>> is not based on fears of what Nick might or might not do.  I think he's
>> a remarkably good job of leaving the list to it's member's devices.  My
>> preference falls more along the lines of what happens to the list if Nick
>> tires of the task or, worse yet. runs afoul of Murphy's law.
>Despite my earlier post , Lee's raised a good point that I hadn't actually
>considered!  (See!  I can admit mistakes!) :-)

A while back, George Washington University decided to remove all listserv
activity not strictly related to their school. They thus booted rally-l.  I
provided a home for it (that was my first foray into actually running a
list from my home system).  That was in August of 1995.

Since then, I've managed to maintain that list.  Yes, I've had some system
failures, like the time I lost a SCSI disk while I was working in Japan and
I had to talk my wife (long distance) through taking the machine apart,
reconfiguring it so that it would boot, and then I logged in and fixed it
long distance.  And another case where a 90 day old hard disk croaked. This
taught me that I needed a hot spare that I could activate, so now I have
one.  And I'm on my 4th ISP since 1995 as well.

I've run lists on a lot of topics, many significantly more controversial
than scuba, on my server, for years.  It is clearly a hobby at this point,
the only renumeration I've ever gotten is when the folks on a firearms
lists I run chipped in and bought me a handgun because they felt my Glock
was inferior to the Beretta Tomcat.  I suspect that I'm enough of an
Internet addict that I will continue to maintain a DSL connection no matter
what.  This is much cheaper than what I used to have.  And the bandwidth
demands of a small list like this are pretty much trivial.

Finally, if I decide to give up, there are places like topica who would
love to have the list, and would love to put a bit of advertising at the
bottom of every posting.  But I would feel really bad abandoning you to such.

I'd like to work to making this (and all of the forums on my server) web
accessible for read and post as well as mailing list only.  Right now I
have web sign up and confirmation, which much improves the ability of
people to, for example, unsubscribe old addresses that they can still get
mail at but can no longer send mail from.  And you can read threaded
archives, but only from the previous day.  I've also extended majordomo to
have the concept of posting only addresses (like nomail on listserv) and so

There are packages for this, but they seem to carry a lot of cruft with
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