At 14:46 01/03/00 +0100, Giovanni wrote a trip report.

Thanks for the report.

>The coral reef is very beautiful, full of hard and soft

Sounds and looks like a great place to dive.

>The water wasn't very clear. This depends on the season.
>Of course owing to the lack of walls and strong currents,
>there were no pelagics such as barracudas, carangis and

Anyway sounds like you had a good time there.

>The ascent was very tiring.
>Finning desperately against the current, one hand grasping
>the rope, the other the camera, I was like a fan fluttering
>in the wind.

Next time you might try to inflate the BC while holding the rope.  It can
make the ascent a lot easier.

>I must explain that Nurhab and staff insisted on taking
>care of everything: changing tanks, installing BC's and
>We only had to jump in the water in absolute safety, or so I

Did you follow the threads here about divemasters assembling gear? :-)

>Nurhab had forgotten to connect the BC! I started finning
>furiously while inflating my BC orally.

Good move.   Nice to have you around.