At 10:45 AM 3/1/00 -0600, Chuck wrote:

( Nick's post snipped )

>And I agree with you.  If the Feesh or someone else wants to leave it where
>it is, let them take on the problems and responsbililities.

Chuck, if you want to pick a fight, go do it on some other list.

The question of moving has NOTHING to do with what you and
Hugh ERRONEOUSLY charged about Scuba-L not being a PUBLIC and
Open Forum under LISTSERV.

Nick's proposal to move is entirely unrelated to that issue.

I have already given my reasons against the move.  So have others.
Nick explained what he is doing and left it at that.  That's
where things stand, and should stand.

>They after all
>know so much more about it than us geeky types.

Read my reply to you.  You don't have to be a geeky type to READ
about LISTSERV User's Guide, don't you know?  Too bad the geeky
type like you DON'T read what you SHOULD have read.

>If you want to keep the
>beast, put it where YOU are most comfortable with it and screw the
>naysayers.  They dont like it, they can go build their own LISTSERV and
>maintain it themselves.

Look whose having a tantrum because he didn't have his way.  The
public sentiments are for staying the way it is -- for VERY VALID
reasons, given by different people, other than myself.

You burst out here with profanity, directed not only at me, but
at some other rather respectable citizens of Scuba-L, in MY book,
Carl, Don, Lee, Strike, ... and a few others who happened to
disagree with you.

Talk about being a HYPOCRITE!

If you don't like it, YOU can leave.  That's what the LISTSERV
Guideline says about a public LIST such as Scuba-L -- anyone can
stay or leave.  Chuck Hopf is no exception.

-- Bob.