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>> At 07:12 AM 3/1/00 -0500, Robert F. Ling wrote:
>> >At any rate, I checked to see how many of MY postings were there
>> >in the first five months of May.  POWER SEARCH on those months
>> >in bit.listserv.scuba-L with me as the 'author' yielded 72 posts.
>> First five months of may.  What a concept!

I have already replied to Nick.

>Yeh. the Feesh's brain runs at warp speed.  Built around dilithium crystals
>and with less human feeling than a Romulan.

Is that not a PERSON attack that you so alleged that *I* do, without
an basis?   Look who's a HYPOCRITE now!

Take a deep breath!  Read the Scuba MANUAL again, and learn
the importance of SBTA, if you still remember that acronym stands
for STOP ... BREATHE ... THINK ...

before you ACT foolishly as you did in two consecutive posts.

Have a nice day, Chuck.

-- Bob.