At 05:56 PM 3/1/00 -0600, Chuck wrote:
>> You are one of them.  What makes YOU the person to speak for
>> Nick and denounce everyone who doesn't agree you?
>> -- Bob.
>The same thing that makes YOU think that you speak for the world

Chuck, you are gravely mistaken.  This is WHY:

1.  You spoke for Nick and denounced everyone who disagreed with
    your view, "screw the naysayers.  They dont like it, they
    can go build their own LISTSERV and maintain it themselves."
    You denounced Strike, Carl, Don, Lee, Harold, me, and others
    (in no particular order) as naysayers you would "screw".

I spoke for only MYSELF.  I gave Nick REASONS for my "no" vote.
I did not denounce anyone who voted otherwise,  I did not denounce
Ron Fuller, Jan, or even YOU and Hugh.  Only pointed out some
faulty FACTS you and Hugh suggested, and pointed you and others
to some LISTSERV documents of which you were obviously no aware.

2.  You didn't listen to what I or anyone of your "naysayer" had
    to say.  You specifically wrote, "I frankly don't give a
    rat's ass what you think about it one way or the other."

    In other words, you are saying your mind is made up.  Don't
    confuse you with facts or opinions.

I carefully replied to all of the main points in what Don, Hugh,
and you posted.  Gave REASONS (with LISTSERV or cited references)
where you erred, and left it at that.

Chuck, if you don't have anything of SUBSTANCE to say, do
yourself a favor and SHUT UP.  I don't think you realize how
FOOLISH and HYPOCRITICAL you make yourself look, as a
supposed DISCUSSANT. YOu have violated every written and
unwritten guideline about a Responsible Discussant.

I have no more time for your kind of NONSENSE, exemplified by
this and at least your last five consecutive posts of yours.

-- Bob.