Robert F. Ling wrote:

> Then you should address your criticism to the LISTSERV writers, to
> Don and Nick for including such obtuse instructions in their
> Scuba-L Guidelines, instead of wasting my time trying to help
> you on simple tasks.

I have no criticism, only a lack of information.  You are correct, I should
have looked elsewhere for my information.  I should have found someone who
considers sharing information that he has with someone who expresses an
interest in it a priviledge rather than a waste of time.  If you weren't
that person, perhaps you should have refrained from wasting your time and
everyone elses.

> YOu mean you do your scuba postings while you "work", don't you?
> How do YOU know how much "work" I do, or not do?

No, I don't mean that.  I know how much work you do because you've told me,
and everyone else here.  You're retired, remember?

> You choose to remain ignorant about them.   That's all.  It's
> your business.  Just don't ARGUE to justify your ignorance in
> the presence of very straightforward and explcit instructions:

You conclude that the person who asked for a source of information, which is
all my original post did, choses to be ignorant and then accuse me of being
illogical?  You don't foster learning by attacking those who seek a source,
but you keep on trying.

You like to believe you win by having the last word, so I'm sure your next
post will leave you with that impression, because it will be the last in
this discussion.  Since I'm not a party to the contest, it's a hollow