Giovanni (DF) Marola wrote:
> Hi Carl, I don't know how many meters (or centimeters?)
> the 100/400/1000 yd are.

That much is obvious from all of your past postings.  No one in
their right mind will ever again expect an associate professor
such as yourself to do such complicated transformations as
required to convert yards to meters or vice versa.  BTW, if
you really need help, my 7 year old son Josh would be happy
to consult for you, he only charges $75/hr but will make an
exception in your case and charge $100/hr because of all the
useless and inane drivel that he'll have to listen to.

> However I normally call for help if the distance
> to cover is greater than 3 meters. Only one time,
> after a very long training, I was able to cover a
> distance of 5 meters before to call for help.

This, however, does not suprise me.  And from your diving reports
seems pretty accurate to.

> > I actually picked up a VersaTrainer but haven't set it up yet.  I think
> > that's going to happen soon :^)  I'm also considering some other
> > exercise equipment.  I've heard that the Bow Flex is probalby one of the
> > best home made gym type pieces of equipment out there - comments?
> I suggest to use the personal computer as an exercise equipment.
> The buoyancy advisor of USD, Feesh, uses it for at least
> four months a week, thus improving in a very noticeable
> way its brain fitness. :-))))
> Hoping this helps.

No, but from you, it was expected.